Prey — Performance on 22 GPUs.

For those interested in a complete Review about gameplay, story, graphics and so on, this is not the article you’d like to read.

The focus of this article is just to show the performance of as many graphics cards as we have. In other words, this text will show you how your GPU would run Prey.

We have tested this particular game in 4 resolutions, each one in 4 presets, on 22 graphics cards, resulting in 263 tests, 16 charts and lots of information. Any of those GPUs can be not ready for a resolution (under the 30fps target performance) and will not be tested.

With this in mind, let’s see the charts.

What?! GTX 1060 getting higher FPS than Fury X in 1080p Low?! GTX 1080 getting higher FPS than GTX 1080Ti in 1080p Low?!

Yes, that’s right. The driver overhead caused all this “particular cases”. When the GPU runs with tiny GPU times, like less than 4ms to create on full frame, the CPU must get a better or, at least, the same time. Otherwise, it struggles to deal with the driver and the Gpu will have to wait for it. The AMD’s GPUs has single threaded drivers that struggles the CPU Core in ~5ms (190–200 FPS) and the NVIDIA GPUs that have multi threaded drivers (thx Hyper Q) struggles the CPU ~4ms (240–250fps). So, don’t bother.

Ultrawide is a resolution in recent grow for its aspect ratio (21:9) to deliver a higher imersion for the gamer. We considered that on our review, and there is the results.

Quad HD always was an intermediary resolution between FullHD and 4k. But today, it’s more popular than ever before.

For last, 4k. The dream resolution for so many. With this resolution, there is not an ugly game (false).


We can fairly say that Prey is one of the easiest games to be played with great performance for many gamers. Every GPU of the current generation can run it in most resolutions and presets, but the game image quality charges you for this.

The image is not only kinda old-gen, but the game has lots of bugs, texture popping and shadows vanishing.

The truth about Prey is that you can run it easily but we cannot promise you will enjoy the final experience.


Marcus Sarmanho,


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